Lars Larsen

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Lars has been servicing the fishing industry more than 30 years and was the co-founder of Injector Doors, which  revolutionised the trawl door industry. Apart from being CEO, his main focus is to prepare and finalise all production drawings.

Eystein E. Elttør
Sales Manager

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Eystein has been in the fishing industry, supplying trawl doors to fishing vessels more than 15 years. 

He also had the privileged to be a fisherman on deep sea trawlers, pelagic trawlers and longline vessels in the Faroe Islands. His main focus is to supply and service trawl doors world wide.

Helgi Larsen

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Helgi has designed and developed trawl doors more than 35 years and was the co-founder of Injector Doors. Helgi became a LEGEND after changing the concept of trawl door designs in 1997. His main focus is to invent new and better designes for the fishing industry.

Raymond Woo

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Raymond has designed and supplied equipments, such as winches, drums etc., to the offshore and fishing industry more than 40 years. Apart from being President, his main focus is to overlook all production and quality checks.